DUDUZA Comfort Dolls

Donations of any size help CHABHA provide for the basic needs of food, education, health, community building, and more.

In addition to donations of money, some folks have made small knitted dolls which we have carried to Africa when we visit.

So far we have carried nearly 1000 dolls to Rwanda. In October, 2007, about 300 will be carried to South Africa. The children love them.

Because of the numbers of dolls at hand and considering children’s pressing needs for schooling, psychosocial support, health, emergency food, from time to time the dolls are used for fund-raising in the US. We hope knitters realize their dolls may not end up in Africa and will be used to support the children in their great need.

Send completed dolls to Belinda Whipple Worth
7 Jacob St.
Windsor, VT 05089

If you have questions, call Belinda Whipple Worth at 802-674-5533, or email at belinda.ww@gmail.com

With our thanks.


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Directions for Making DUDUZA Comfort Dolls

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CAST on 32 sts on size 3 (or 4) needles. Knit 4 rows in stocking stitch, leaving about 8 inch “Tail” to gather for feet when completing doll.

Charge color for trousers or skirt. Knit 16 rows. Change color for belt, if desired. Knit two rows plain.

Change color for sweater. Knit 14 rows, leaving an 8 inch “Tail” to gather for neck, and decreasing 4 sts evenly across the last row.

Change color for face (preferably a shade of brown), change to size 2 (or 3) needles. Stocking stitch 10 rows.

Change color for cap (or hair). Knit two rows in garter stitch (plain) for border.

Next, decrease as follows:

            Row 1: (Knit 4, k 2 tog) x 4 (24 sts). Alternate rows, purl.

            Row 3: (Knit 3, K 2 tog) x 4, knit 4 (20 sts).

            Row 5: (Knit 2, k 2 tog) x 4, knit 4 (16 sts).

            Row 7: (Knit 1, k 2 tog) x 4, Knit 4 (12 sts).

            Row 8: (Purl 2 tog) across row.

(I embroider or sew face before beginning the next steps.   Others do as last step.)

Thread remaining sts onto needle and sew up cap. Sew up face. Run the gathering thread through the last row of sweater stitches and, after stuffing head, pull up tightly for neck, finishing off securely.   (When stuffing, be sure not to put in too much to make doll stiff.)

Sew up center back. Run the gathering thread through the first row of feet. Stuff body and pull up gathering thread tightly, finishing off well.

Complete feet by sewing up center seam through both thicknesses of knitting, i.e. dividing feed, which are stuffed individually. Fold foot across cast on edge at right angles to body and sew up.  

Finish off other foot in same way.

If making a doll with trousers, define legs by sewing through all thicknesses from feet towards belt, finishing off 2 rows from belt.   If skirt leave as is.

To define arms, start 2 rows from neck and sew to belt, as in picture, or below if not belt and you wish.

To make face, embroider as you wish.   Add to cap or hair to give doll unique appearance.

Duduza Dolls for Young Knitters

Cast on 39 sts.   Knit a rectangle about 7.5 inches long in garter stitch with chunky / double knit wool and about size 8 needles.

Fold the rectangle in half and sew ears across like a teddy bear pattern.

Stuff animal, and sew on features in felt to make different animals: pigs, owls, tiger, bears, cats.

Send completed dolls to Belinda Whipple Worth
7 Jacob St.
Windsor, VT 05089